WankzVR Best Value Money For New Content

A lot of factors go into determining which is the best VR porn pay site, and even a narrower category such as ‘best value’ site. I’ve seen many review sites list the number of new videos each site releases each week or month, then comparing them to the price of a subscription, but what about the length of those videos? Perhaps cost of subscription/total length of new content is a better gauge of bang for your buck?

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Best Value Five VR Porn Pay Sites for Monthly Content

I decided to perform an analysis of how the top VR pay sites stack up against each other when it comes to how much the subscriber is paying for each minute of newly released video he gets during the length of his subscription. To do this, I looked at not just the number of new videos each site releases each month, but the length in minutes of those videos. By doing this, I was able to calculate just how much the new members is paying for new content by minute. I focused solely on new releases, and ignored the amount of archived content each site has (which in the case of the older sites such as VirtualRealPorn is obviously huge).

For total amount of new monthly content in minutes as compared the price they charge for a monthly subscription for that new content, I found that it is popular American VR porn site WankzVR that offers the best value for money, with a new minute of VR video costing the subscriber only 4 cents!

Site Name Number Videos per Month Monthly Content in Minutes Montly Price Price per Video Price per Minute
1. WankzVR 8 571 $19.99 $2.50 $0.04
2. VirtualRealPorn 9 340 $19.95 $2.22 $0.06
3. BadoinkVR 9 330 $24.95 $2.77 $0.08
4. CzechVR 6 279 $24.95 $4.16 $0.09
5. VR Bangers 7 270 $24.95 $3.85 $0.09

Of course, this is just one ranking factor in determining which is the best VR porn site to join. The most important factor is, and always will be, the quality of the content. For an up-to-date ranking list of the best virtual reality porn sites right now, check out my list here (updated every month).