BabeVR Review – Intimate Solo And Lesbian VR Scenes

BabeVR - Katy Rose, Scyley Jam, and Stacy Cruz in lesbian VR porn

BabeVR is a site produced by the famous Badoink studios. It established itself over 3 years ago as a rather unique VR porn site. Consisting of weekly POV VR ‘fucking’ scenes, instead of employing a real actor, the porn models would get fucked by a literal stunt double – a realistic male torso and penis sex toy. I was a big fan of the site at the time, but sadly, it fell into something of a hiatus after around a year or so, with a long period of no further new releases. However, its recently come back to life, although the scenes now have a different format, and feature both more conventional solo girl masturbation, as well as a number of lesbian scenes.

Dozens Of Unique POV Stunt Cock VR Videos

BabeVR started off as a solo girl VR site with a difference. Instead of a dildo masturbation show, the girls would be ‘fucked’ by a realistic sex toy that consisted of a replica male torso and penis. The viewer takes the POV of this ‘stunt cock’, just as they would the POV of the male actor in hardcore VR. The same format was maintained for several years. According to the site’s introductory blurb, viewers would experience ‘intimate eye-contact, sexy dirty talk, and POV penetration’.

Georgia Jones fucking a stunt cock for VR porn site BabeVR
Beautiful model Georgia Jones fucks the stunt cock in reverse cowgirl, in a typical scene from the ‘old’ BabeVR videos.

Perhaps the appeal of this type of VR action was limited, but I felt that it had several advantages. Firstly, the girls would often appear to be more natural and unihibited fucking a stunt cock rather than a real actor. Secondly, many girls refuse to do hardcore porn, so the site attracted a few girls who would ‘fuck you’ in virtual reality, despite never having done hardcore before. Thirdly, many VR porn fans felt that the experience was more natural and less awkward than inhabiting the body of another man (the male pornstar).

Georgia On My Mind Starring Georgia Jones

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Sync Or Sin Starring April O’Neil

Fresh faced natural beauty April O’Neil looks so sweet and nerdy wearing those thick rimmed spectacles, but just watch how she can suck and fuck dick, as she treats you to virtual sex experience via a stunt cock sex toy.

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A Hiatus And Then Return In New Format And Focus On Lesbian Scenes

After a long spell of no new releases, the site gradually began to spring back to life, and has been updating regularly again for some while. However, it’s something of a new incarnation of the site, as although the videos continue to do without a male actor, they have dispensed with the stunt cock as well, and now the scenes consist of more conventional solo masturbation videos, as well as many lesbian scenes. Although some may regret the change of format, the regularity of lesbian VR action is to be welcomed, as for whatever reason, few of the top VR studios are making pure lesbian videos.

Gentlemen Prefer Two Blondes Starring Alecia Fox and Lola Myluv

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Third Time’s A Charm Starring Stacy Cruz, Scyley Jam and Katy Rose

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Reasons To Join BabeVR

  • The most beautiful VR pornstars in intimate VR action
  • Dozens of POV VR sex movies featuring a stunt cock.
  • Updating weekly again after a hiatus.
  • Now features regular pure lesbian scenes.
  • A trial costs just $1 and yearly membership is only $89.

A Wylde Ride Starring Melody Wylde

A lovely young American girl who is an exotic mix of Japanese and South American (!) shows off her nubile, naked teen body in 3D VR, then demands that you fuck her tight wet pussy hard and make her cum!

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Conclusion – Is A Subscription To BabeVR Worth It?

BabeVR is quite a unique VR porn site that continues to focus on intimate experiences, while in a different kind of format to that of its earlier years. Fans of lesbian action will be particularly eager to join up this site, and the site still firmly caters for those who just don’t want to see another man’s cock in the action (let alone pretend that his cock is owned by you). With cheap membership rates ranging from a $1 day trial to $89 for a year’s membership, it’s also one of the most attractively prices VR porn sites out there, especially as it is updating regularly again and is still produced by the famous Badoink studio.