Wankz VR Review

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Wankz VR has been around almost since the start and is now firmly established as one of the very best VR pay sites. As of June 2021 they have around 550 full length VR videos in their archives and are still releasing two new movies each week, now in super immersive 7K ultra-HD resolution. And when I say ‘full length’, I mean exactly that. Wankz produces the longest videos of any site, with each release generally at least 50 minutes duration, sometimes over an hour. And believe me, there isn’t much padding in any of their 100% consistently hardcore videos. Because they also offer very competitive subscription rates, they were recently found to off the best ‘bang for your buck’ determined by cost per each minute of new hardcore material.

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The Best American Made VR Porn With The Prettiest Talent

Wankz likes to boast that they have the prettiest models in VR porn, and it’s hard to disagree, at least if you are after pretty young American talent. Natural, bubbly, sweet looking young American girls aged 18 – 23, who clearly love to fuck, and who have no inhibitions at all about letting hundreds or thousands of men fuck their tight bodies in immersive virtual reality. The girls are almost exclusively American, filmed in locations that are often at least partly outdoors, with the action then finishing in the bedroom. Many of the actresses are first time porn models, and some are never to be seen again. A unique chance to fuck these girls in virtual reality! As of June 2021, over 400 different models have appeared at the site. Even when the actresses are well known stars, they are usually still young and hot.

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The settings and locations of the videos are among the most varied and well designed of any of the top sites. Usually a different natural bedroom studio location in each video, and as stated above, often the scenes are partly or entirely shot outdoors in the sun. Even in the bedroom scenes, there is often a large window letting in natural sunlight, and often with a view of the outside. Unlike some VR sites, you never feel like you are part of a studio recorded scene.

Reasons to Join WankzVR

  • Long established top 5 VR pay site with a huge archive and twice weekly updates
  • Best site for fans of young American pornstars. Fantastic teen/barely legal content
  • Pioneered the use of streaming VR technology – straight to your smartphone
  • Produce the longest VR videos
  • Best value for money judged by subscription price per minute of video content

WankzVR More Free VR Porn Video Trailers

Here’s a free sample of previews of some of the best WankzVR videos over the last 3 years. Remember that the full length versions of these trailers range between 50 and 70 minutes or more!

Gina Valentina Stars In ‘I Dream Of Gina’

Charity Crawford Stars In ‘Dress Code : Schoolgirl’

Aspen Ora Stars In Spring Break Anal

Is A Subscription To WankzVR Worth It?

If your preference is mainly for American girls, or you just want to fuck a lot of pretty young American girls in virtual reality, then WankzVR is probably your number one choice. Updating twice weekly, with varied and original backgrounds, scenes, and models, and with a huge 550 video archive, then it’s more than excellent value for money. Their videos are also among the longest of any VR site, even up to 90 minutes duration, with scenes often changing locations during the movie, including from outdoors to indoors. There are a number of very reasonable membership options to choose from, ranging from a $1.99 day trial, to a $375 lifetime membership (sometimes discounted to $299).