SwallowBay Review – Deepthroat VR Porn

SwallowBay - Lulu and Alexia's Mimosa Macarons VR video cover

SwallowBay is one of the newest and most exciting VR porn sites, launching earlier this year (2021) and being close to unique in focusing mainly on one sexual act – blowjobs. It’s an ambitious, high profile site with regular weekly releases in 6K, and always featuring well-known American actresses. Filmed in a beautiful pink candy, bubble themed studio, with the models similarly attired in cute and skimpy costumes. Most of the scenes, which last around half-an-hour each, follow a very similar script, with the girl initially teasing by suggestively licking and sucking a candy lolipop, and then progressing to your penis. The blowjobs start out slow and sloppy, and progress into more of a face fuck, with plenty of gagging. If the featured girl has a pair of plump and juicy ripe breasts, then there is usually a titty fuck included as well.

*Update Oct 2022 – SwallowBay began to include regular sex into their scenes in 2022, although the blowjob and face fucking is still a central element in most videos.

SwallowBay is clearly quite different to most of the top VR porn sites in the similarity of each video’s setting and action. There are no real ‘scenarios’ or ‘plots’. The variety is provided more or less entirely in the different models and the cute outfits they are wearing. Your POV and the position of the male actor in the scene does not change during the scene, and thus there is no jarring discontinuity. This might be attractive to many, especially if they are using an interactive toy such as The Handy. Just lie back, and for 30 minutes you have the unbroken experience of having your dick sucked (and perhaps a titty fuck).

Olive’s Jelly Beans – Short Haired Brunette Blowjob And Titty Fuck

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Olive Glass gives you a skillful tittyjob to go along with her exceptional blowjob and face fucking talents.

Famous Actresses Being Made To Work Harder In VR Porn Than Ever Before

After a flurry of releases after the site’s launch in June 2021, there has been a new movie every 7 days like clockwork. Nearly every model who appears is young, but an already established porn actress. They are always American, with several Asian Americans featured so far, a well as two Afro-American girls. Many of the models are familiar to VR porn fans of other sites, such as the recently featured Alexia Anders and Avery Black. The girls are made to look as cute as possible, often wearing pigtails, and often wearing a prop such as kitten ears or a flower in their hair. Over the last 5 months since the site opened, they have featured two videos featuring two girls together, but aside from that, all the videos feature solo girls with the male actor (who appears to be the same in each video).

Some of the girls may be VR porn veterans, but surely they have never been made to work hard for their pay than in these videos. The deepthroat action can get quite intense at times, with the girls visibily finding it difficult to get the male actor’s thick and meaty cock deep inside their mouths. Many viewers will find that, as well as the combination of the pink studio and girlish outfits and pigtails of the girls, to be a real turn on. Before the face fucking however, the models do get to show off some really impressive blowjob skills. These are no half-hearted blowjobs, but real attempts to deliver some exceptional VR cock sucking.

Alexia’s Chai Tea Popsicles

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Popular petite Asian actress Alexia Anders has spread her legs and sucked cock a few times before already in VR, but she’s never had her face fucked like this before.

Karma RX Milk Chocolate Truffles

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Tramp stamped Karma RX is a bit sluttier than most of the girls that feature on SwallowBay, and the director and stunt cock obviously knew that they would have to be even rougher than usual to get the most out of this whore. She delivers a fine titty fuck, and her reward is to be roughly deepthroated until she gags repeatedly.

Lulu’s And Alexia’s Mimosa Macarons

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It’s a dream for many men to roughly face fuck a cute young Asian beauty, but what about two petite pigtailed Asian cock suckers taking turns together to have their mouths filled with your throbbing cock? Alexia Anders has never looked cuter than in her pigtails here, and she has the equally adorable Lulu Chu help her with the deepthroating duties in this one.

Reasons To Join SwallowBay

  • Only site dedicated to blowjobs and deepthroat.
  • Ultra cute candy themed studio and outfits for the girls.
  • Girls look as cute as possible, while being face fucked as hard as ever done in VR.
  • Weekly full length 6K VR releases
  • American site with a great variety of young actresses.
  • Focus on continuous position and largely one action (blowjob) helps immersion and comfort.

Is A Subscription To SwallowBay Worth It?

SwallowBay is something unique and different, and yet at the same time, cock sucking and deep throat action is not exactly ‘niche’, so it appeals to just about everybody. I love the format of the same studio setting each video, with a similar focus on the blowjob throughout. This greatly lends to immersion, the gradual involvement into the scene on the part of the viewer, and comfort. It’s especially great if using a masturbator while you are watching. The action is very well done, and the girls really put in a lot of effort into demonstrating their cock sucking skills and their ability to handle deepthroating. At $49 for a 3 month subscription, it’s good value for money, even for a relatively new site. Unless you are really into deepthrought and face fucking, then this might not be your very first VR porn site to join, but it should certainly be considered if you are wanting to join several or more sites.