VRConk Review – Colorful 8K VR Cosplay Porn Site

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VRConk has been around for several years now, and has always been regarded as one of the very best, as well as innovative, of the smaller VR porn sites. In its early days, it was noted especially for pioneering the very first augmented reality porn site (‘AR Conk’ – since disbanded). Last year, the site was officially bought out by the famous VR Bangers studio, although it’s likely the two had shared a close business relationship for some time already. The colorful and themed style of their movies certainly hasn’t changed that much under their new owners, and in fact has become even more dedicated to cosplay VR porn style releases. Indeed, VR Conk can now be regarded as a serious rival to Badoink’s VRCosplayX crown as the number one virtual reality cosplay porn site.

A Colorful 8K VR Cosplay Site With Some Of The Best Movies And Actresses

As with VR Bangers, the movies of VR Conk have proper themes and scripts, rather than the simple ‘plot’ introductions of most other site’s movies. All of their new releases now are either porn parodies of popular movies, or highly colorful cosplay/uniform movies with a special theme. One thing that has improved since the take over by VR Bangers, has been the quality and variety of the actresses, which is now on a par with nearly every other top site. In just the last few weeks, stars featured have included Avery Black, Lacey London, Paula Shy, and Hazel Moore.

VR Conk was one of the first sites to film in 6K resolution, and since the tie-up with VR Bangers, has upgraded to filming in 8K VR resolution – the current limit for the present generation of headsets, including the Meta Quest 2. A consistent once a week release schedule has been maintained for a long time now, and there are over 140 videos in the member’s library.

Let’s Play Sensei Ft. Spencer Bradley

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Spencer Bradley is a karate master, and as soon as you step into her dojo, you know you are going to be taught some very special moves. A typically inventive, fun, and colorful cosplay VR movie from VR Conk.

Reasons To Join VRConk

  • The highest resolution 8K virtual reality porn.
  • Arguably now the top cosplay and VR porn parody site.
  • High quality productions from a top studio, featuring colorful and inventive scenes.
  • Huge variety of actresses, many big names.
  • Weekly new releases, and over 640 movies in a massive library.
  • Lifetime membership only $250.

Darce Lee & Lovita Fate In ‘Get Laid In Wonderland’

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One of their older style cosplay movies, this Alice in Wonderland parody from 2019 is nethertheless still a classic.

Conclusion – Is A Subscription To VRConk Worth It?

Few sites can provide better reasons to join than VR Conk can. The 8K resolution, the consistent quality of the casting and the well produced, inventive and colorful scenes, and weekly 45 minute plus new video releases, together with now a huge back catalogue of over 640 movies. It’s obviously a must join site if you are a cosplay fan, but even if you are a more of a general fan of VR porn, it still stands out as one of the most attractive sites to join.

Fantasia In ‘Breakfast on the Table’

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Best VR Cosplay Sites And Cosplay VR Porn Movies

Virtual Taboo - Taking Stepsis To My Candy Shop

Virtual reality is all about fantasy, and so cosplay sex is a perfect fit for VR porn. There are now two dedicated cosplay VR sites, both produced by two of the biggest studios in adult VR, and both releasing a new movie every week. In addition, there is also a third cosplay site that sadly hasn’t updated for some time.

The Best VR Cosplay Porn Sites To Join In 2022

VRCosplayX – Long running Cosplay VR site that is produced by the top rated Badoink studio. Filming in 7K since last year, it has been releasing a new movie like clockwork for over 5 years, now having around 300 cosplay parodies available to members, based on movies, video games, and anime.
VR Conk – Another long running and top rated VR porn site, but only recently switched to exclusively cosplay movies, something which it does exceptionally well. 8K VR cosplay porn with weekly releases, the site is becoming a worthy challenger to the crown of VRCosplayX.
Virtual Taboo – Not a cosplay site, but does quite regularly feature some excellent scenes with pretty young Russian or Ukrainian girls dressed up in anime outfits.
Whorecraft VR – A unique VR site that has actresses in cosplay outfits having sex with you, superimposed upon a fantasy themed digitally generated background. Unfortunately, appears to be no longer updating.

Best VR Cosplay Movie Scenes

VRCsoplayX – Star Wars : Slave Leia A XXX Parody Ft. Stacy Cruz

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Gorgeous Czech babe Stacy Cruz has been one of the all-time stars of VR porn, and here was perhaps her finest moment, starring in a 2019 cosplay porn parody of the infamous Princess Leia slave scene in Return of the Jedi.

Virtual Taboo Knocking On My Sis Backdoor Ft. Sia Siberia

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Virtual Taboo regularly feature simple cosplay scenes with a girl dressed up in a cute anime outfit. In this movie from 2020, Russian starlet Sia Siberia made her debut as a cosplay fan caught masturbating by her horny step-brother, and only too happy to let him/you bang her in the ass!

VR Conk Let’s Play Sensei Ft. Spencer Bradley

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Unlike VRCosplayX, VR Conk does not restrict itself to specific movie, anime, or game parodies. Here is an excellent example featuring the natural young American actress Spencer Bradley, dressed up as a Karate ‘sensei’ who seduces you in the dojo.

VRCsoplayX – Kokeshi Ft. Angie Lynx

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One of the most unique VR movies ever filmed, this was filmed in a futuristic ‘sex robot brothel’ in Berlin, with Angie Lynx dressing up as the star attraction (the sex robot itself also features).

VRCsoplayX – Star Wars Ft. Taylor Sands

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Another Star Wars cosplay porn parody, and this one from 2017 starring Taylor Sands is still a classic. Filmed in a stunning desert location, it remains one of the most lush cosplay VR porn movies ever made.

VR Porn Site News September 2019

BadoinkVR videos August 2019

A quick round up of recent developments in some of the leading VR porn sites.

BadoinkVR Cuts Its Monthly Price to $19.95

Top VR site BadoinkVR has cut the price of a monthly subscription to just $19.95 (from $24.95). This is not a sale, I have been informed that it is a long term price reduction. Badoink was already one of the top value sites and this pricing move cements that further. And as it happens, they are currently having a sale, giving 33% off previous prices, with an especially tempting annual subscription costing just $7.95 for a limited time only.

BadoinkVR sale September 2019

VirtualRealPorn Re-Making Classics In 5K

VirtualRealPorn are the oldest VR porn site, so it’s understandable that their early movies didn’t enjoy the highest specs. However, what they lacked in ultra-hd resolution, they made up for in the quality of the scenes. So it’s great news that the studio are now re-making some of their old classics in 5K resolution.

First Classic to get the re-make treatment is ‘Sunday Breakfast’ starring Nancy A.

VRConk Releasing VR Porn Movies In 6K Resolution

One of the most innovative VR porn studios, VRConk has started releasing movies filmed in 6K resolution, making it only the second site (after VRBangers) to make 6K VR porn.

Here’s a short trailer of one of their first 6K movies – Basic Instinct.

VirtualTaboo Now Updating Three Times A Week

Home of your favorite illicit fantasies in VR – VirtualTaboo – are now updating THREE times a week, which is as good or better than any of their competition. Not only that, but they’re currently running a 50% off Back To School VR Porn Discount Sale.

back to school sale eva elfie

If that’s not enough to convince you to take out a membership, check out a trailer of their latest 5K VR stepfamily porn video below!

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