VR Bangers Review – Pioneering Top VR Porn Studio

VR Bangers has been one of the top VR porn sites for a number of years now, and is known for leading the industry in terms of resolution (pioneering 6K and now 8K VR porn), as well as its great casting and its fun and highly polished hardcore VR movies. The innovative and ambitious studio is also noted for being one of the first to promote augmented reality porn, as well as the first interactive VR porn movie site – Dezyred. Another popular feature is the regular use of multiple girls in the same scene, including an infamous 12 girl orgy to celebrate the 2018 soccer World Cup in Russia. They probably feature more threesomes and fouresomes than any other top site, and recently released a three girl lesbian scene in 8K VR.

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Pioneers of the VR Porn Industry

After establishing itself as one of the top 4K VR porn sites, it became the first to release videos in 6K, and remained the only such 6K VR site right up until 2020, when a couple of other studios began releasing movies in 7 and 8K. It wasn’t outdone for long though, and in October 2020, VR Bangers became only the second site to release their content in 8K, and is still only one of a small handful to shoot at that ultra-high resolution.

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Nubile young American actress Sera Ryder proved recently that a girl in white knee socks is too cute for any man to resist in 8K VR porn.

Resolution does matter greatly in VR porn. It makes a huge difference to how much you can immerse yourself into the scene and believe it is ‘real’, rather than simply watching it. And the good thing is that the latest generation of headsets, above all the Oculus Quest 2, have (around) 8K resolution screens (or close to 2 x 4K lenses), meaning that you will want a site that films in 7K or 8K resolution to get the most out of your VR porn viewing experience. As of December 2021, VR Bangers already has released over 100 VR movies in full 8K.

As well as always being at the forefront of innovation and technical standards, VR Bangers has also been able to attract some of the most beautiful girls in the industry, with consistently high casting standards maintained over the years. Their videos, which are usually close to an hour in length, are better described as movies, with properly thought out ideas and plot lines, attractive and varied locations, and beautiful outfits and costumes (Since 2020 they have regularly released cosplay VR porn movies). The make-up, hair styling etc. is always on point as well. Girls like Sera Ryder (above), or Mona Blue (below) always look their very best when starring in a VR Bangers video.

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Hungarian teen babe Mona Blue stars as the horny niece of your wife (Shalina Devine), who discovers with your help (and your wife) that fucking is more fun than books.

Reasons To Join Join VR Bangers

  • The first 6K site, and now filming in cutting edge 8K
  • Nearly 500 VR videos and two new scenes each week
  • Voted by XBiz as having the best VR porn scene of 2017 AND 2018
  • Consistently high quality videos rated highly by both fans and critics
  • Lifetime membership for as low as $250

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Language exchange student Harmony Wonder learns that when in the Ukraine, pretty girls are expected to fuck like whores.

Dezyred – The First Interactive VR Porn Movie Game

In 2020, the VR Bangers studio launched the first ever interactive VR porn game – Dezyred. Consisting of exclusive VR porn movies featuring popular VR Bangers stars, you get to determine the course of the action according to the decisions you make. There are currently two different ‘stories’ with scenes still being added to each to make them even more immersive and playable. Each story has between 7 to 9 hours of playable action, with multiple scenes, girls, and sex actions that are all dependent on the actions and choices that you pursue. The game has been a huge hit with VR porn fans, adding a whole new immersive dimension to adult VR fun. Dezyred is seperate to VR Bangers – membership of one wont give you membership of the other. It’s currently free to join DezyredIs A Subscription To VR Bangers Worth It?

VR Bangers remains in most people’s lists as one of the top 2 or 3 VR porn sites. Every video feels different and fresh, and casting is consistently excellent with some of the biggest and most beautiful names in VR porn appearing each week. The site, now in industry leading 8K, has been established at the top of the VR pecking order for many years, and its ambitious and innovative management will ensure it stays there for many more years to come. That makes a lifetime subscription when it is discounted to $250 to be an excellent value for money option.

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