VR Porn News Roundup November 2022

Xxlayna Marie poses topless in front of a green screen for passthrough VR porn

Virtual Reality Porn News November 2022

Things are getting very exciting indeed for VR porn fans, with new headsets being launched, and the busy holiday season about to kick off. And it’s not just about VR porn anymore – augmented reality porn is starting to take off, helped by the release of the Meta Quest Pro that is primarily geared towards mixed reality experiences. Every month we’ll bring you the latest news in both VR and AR porn, in order to help you keep up-to-date and informed on this fast moving sex tech.

SexLikeReal Film With Green Screen For Passthrough VR Porn

One of the top VR porn studios have begun filming scenes with a green screen, with the intention of producing videos that will work perfectly for viewing in passthrough on the Quest 2, or with a mixed reality headset such as the new Meta Quest Pro. This allows you to experience fucking the pornstar in your own home. It’s already proving very popular with VR porn fans, despite most still having to experience it with the crude B&W passthrough of the Quest 2. SexLikeReal’s first attempt at passthrough porn starred the lovely young American actress Xxlayna Marie.

SexLikeReal – ASMR Closeup, Personal Attention from Xxlayna – Passthrough Porn Filmed With A Green Screen

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New AI Masturbator Synchs With Any Porn Video Ever Made – Including VR Porn

The Syncbot is a new crowd funded male sex toy that uses advanced artificial intelligence algorithms to analyze, understand, and then synch with any porn video the viewer chooses. The Hong Kong based makers of the Syncbot claim that their toy can even understand the niche that the video is representative of. The inner workings of the masturbator are also highly advanced, enabling the sleeve to synch with the action via adjustments of depth, intensity, and tightness. The Syncbot is available to pre-order from its indiegogo page for around $500.

Syncbot AI masturbator with explanation

Czech VR Film Lesbian Threesome Starring Alissa Foxy And Two Other Young Babes

8K VR porn site Czech VR filmed a purely lesbian movie featuring three lovely young girls, including the gorgeously cute Alissa Foxy. Her more experienced VR pornstar colleagues – Lilly Bella and Isabela de Laa – really get to work on her little pussy and ass with their fingers and their tongues.

Czech VR – Lesbian Threesome Featuring Alissa Foxy, Lilly Bella, And Isabela de Laa

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AR Hologram Strippers For The Meta Quest Pro Headset

Naughty America’s volumetric scanned 3D strippers are now ready to be enjoyed in mixed reality – if you have the new Quest Pro headset from Meta. The 3D girls of RealGirlsNow are real pornstars, including such stars as Whitney Wright, who have been captured using advanced volumetric technology, stripping, twerking, and pole dancing. In the Quest Pro, they appear as 3D holograms in your living room or bedroom, and you can even move around them.

pole dancing on the beach

VR Porn News December 2019

A round up of some of the major developments and fappenings in virtual reality porn over the last month or so.

VR Bangers Release 6K Outdoor VR Jungle Porn

Top site VR Bangers continue to lead the way with the release of an outdoor cosplay VR porn movie filmed in 6K and located in the ‘jungle’, as a parody of the popular movies and book. Starring redheaded beauty Lacy Lennon, it’s already being talked about as possibly the VR movie of the year.

VirtualRealPorn Start Christmas Sale Early

VirtualRealPorn Christmas 2019 Sale

The original virtual reality porn site launches their Christmas VR porn deal early, with 30% off all new subscriptions from mid-December, to the start of January. Still producing classic VR porn videos each week, still regarded by many as the top site out there. If you’re not already a member, then this is a must seize opportunity to get on board at a discount.

Check out one of their latest videos below – ‘Escaping The Friendzone’ with beautiful young Latina Alina Lopez.

<VirtualRealPorn - Xmas Discount

Naughty America Launch 3D ‘Sex Show’

One of the original VR porn sites, Naughty America have launched ‘Sex Show’ – 3D animated sex scenes in which the avatars can be ‘turned around’ and viewed from any angle. The sex shows can be experienced in VR with a virtual reality headset, or on any PC or mobile screen. The avatars appear to be a mix of pure cgi and digitized live action performers (Naughty America pioneered the tech for their AR porn shows).

Naughty America VS BadoinkVR VS VirtualRealPorn

Currently, there are just 3 virtual reality porn sites active. I’m not aware of any others that are going to open shop in the near future, so at least for the next few months the choice is between these three. All three are very, very good, and I would highly recommend that you join all three, but if you have to choose, here’s a few pointers to help you decide. This is a three round, three way contest to decide the best vr porn site – let the slug fest begin!

**Update 2020 – For an up-to-date list of all the top virtual reality porn sites (more than 20), please visit and book mark : https://virtualrealitypornsites.com/best-five-vr-porn-sites/

The contenders :

Naughty America, BadoinkVR, VirtualRealPorn

Round 1 : How much does a one year membership cost?

Naughty America : $239
BadoinkVR : $299
VirtualRealPorn : 90 euros = $100 (aprox)

VirtualRealPorn is easily the cheapest option as far as a full 1 year membership goes. Naughty America is cheaper than BadoinkVR, but remember that BadoinkVR will send you a FREE pair of VR goggles to experience their movies with. *Updated 2018/08/26 – Naughty America has made some controversial changes to their membership benefits. Not only do they no longer give VR members access to their huge 2D (including 4K) library of movies, but not even all of their VR porn movies are now available to new basic members. Both BadoinkVR and VirtualRealPorn have a huge archive for VR porn, with no strings attached or need to pay extra to access them.

Winner of Round 1 : VirtualRealPorn

Round 2 : How often is each site updated?

As of now (August 2018), each site releases a new vr porn movie roughly twice a week. Both BadoinkVR and VirtualRealPorn release videos of around 40 to 45 minutes in length, whereas Naughty America is usually around half-an-hour.

Winner of Round 2 : BaoinkVR and VirtualRealPorn.

Round 3 : Which site has the best pornstars?

All three sites feature some of the biggest names in porn, but I’ll give this one to BadoinkVR, because not only do they have famous names, they nearly always have a different star in each video. They also have a good balance of American and European stars. Naughty America has some famous names, but they are nearly always American, often with fake tits, and of the type that have been in the game for years.

Winner of Round 3 : BadoinkVR

Round 4 : Which site shoots the best vr experience?

This category can change quickly and is also open to dispute. Currently, according to my experience and what my tech expert sources tell me, VirtualRealPorn has the best combination of frame rate and picture resolution. Both of of these specs are important for delivering a convincingly immersive 3D experience. Arguably, their movies at this time are the most advanced in terms of vr photography as well. Perhaps this isn’t surprising as they have had a headstart on both the other two sites. However, BadoinkVR has improved a lot on its already high standards in the last few months (of 2018). VirtualRealPorn might still have the edge here, but Badoink is closing fast, while Naughty America is always improving too.

Winner of Round 4 : VirtualRealPorn

Round 5 : Which site is the future of vr porn?

Naughty America is the most established studio of the three as they were one of the industry leaders for years before the virtual reality revolution. BadoinkVR and VirtualRealPorn, however, are very much firmly established now and here for the long haul, continuing to improve and grow. Again, not much to choose between the latter two, but I would give the edge slightly to BadoinkVR.

Winner of Round 5 : BadoinkVR

So, I say join all three, but if you have to pick one, I would suggest you start off with our champion vr porn site – BadoinkVR!

And if you can afford two site memberships, then you should definitely also subscribe to VirtualRealPorn

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