Virtual Pee Review

Virtual Pee is the only virtual reality porn site dedicated to the fetish of women pissing. ‘Golden rain’ has always been quite a popular porn niche. Although it doesn’t excite everyone, it is ideally suited to the medium of 3D VR. If you are one of the millions of men whose dicks grow hard at the sight of a pretty young woman spraying golden pee from her pussy, then virtual reality allows you to experience it like never before (without needing a shower afterwards!).

Virtual Pee Site

VR And Pissing Are A Perfect Match

When 3D TV and anaglyph porn were all the rage a dozen or so years ago, pissing videos seemed to be the niche that made use of the new medium more than just about anything else (well, other than foot fetish). With a pair of 3D glasses, the girl’s piss would appear to come out of the screen at you. As suggested above, inside a VR headset, the immersion and feeling of really seeing a girl piss in front of you, is 10 x more intense. Yet the top VR studios don’t seem to film so much piss porn as did the old, and short-lived, 3D porn sites did.

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However, there is one site dedicated to pissing in virtual reality. Virtual Pee is a site made by the famous VIPissy studio that runs a number of long established and highly popular 2D pissing sites. The fact that the studio is not a VR site per se, but rather than a piss fetish studio, inevitably means that its main strength lies in the presentation of the piss content, rather than the VR production itself. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, and with now over four years experience of producing over 100 VR pissing videos, their virtual reality filming is more than adequate, if not up to the standards (and 8K specs) of its main rival Czech VR Fetish.

At one time, Virtual Pee were releasing a new movie every week, but disapointingly, they have dropped down to around once a month. Despite this, there is now a huge archive of well over 100 movies for members to enjoy, featuring 73 different models, most of whom are young and East European. The models are certainly of the ‘B list’ category in terms of fame and looks, although most are natural and passable as good looking amateurs. It seems to me, that piss is a niche that does fit the more amateur type of model anyway.

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Beautiful young Spanish model Amanda Estela has absolutely no shame in letting you join her in virtual reality, and jerk off to the sight of her peeing into a wine glass, pouring it into her mouth, sloshing it around with her tongue and gargling, and then finally swallowing every last tasty drop for you!

One gripe is that the videos tend to be very short, generally lasting only around 5 or 6 minutes. Obviously given the nature of the fetish, it would be pretty difficult and pointless to make full length VR porn movies, although Czech VR Fetish manage to release videos that are over twice as long, with their average being around 20 minutes.

The good news is that membership prices for Virtual Pee are also cheaper than most VR pay sites, with a yearly rate now only $60 and a monthly subscription costing $9.95. This is obviously a must join site for those looking for VR pissing content, but it’s cheap enough and done well enough for more general VR porn fans to consider joining to widen their palate as it were. If you follow other fetishes such as upskirts and fisting, then Czech VR Fetish might be your number 1 choice, as along with the longer videos and superior VR production, they release a new fetish VR video around once a week, and a new piss VR video every 6 weeks or so.

Reasons To Join Virtual Pee

  • The only dedicated site to the pissing fetish in VR.
  • Long established, with over 100 videos in the archives.
  • Still updating, although only once a month of late.
  • Produced by one of the biggest pissing porn studios in the world.
  • Reasonable membership prices, including yearly for just $60.