VR Porn News – New Blowjob VR Site Swallow Bay, VirtualRealPorn Now In 8K VR Video

SwallowBay - Laney's Whirley Pops

SwallowBay Is The World’s First VR Blowjob And Deepthroat Site

One of the most exciting new VR site launches of the last year is surely SwallowBay. It’s a hardcore VR porn site the likes of which we haven’t really seen before, and is devoted to blowjobs and deepthroat scenes. Launching online several weeks ago, SwallowBay feels like a whole new spin on adult VR. Not only is it quite a bit harder than most current VR porn, every video contains the same blowjob and deepthroat formula, but with a different girl. The attractive studio location which remains constant in each video is candy themed, with pink bubbles everywhere, and cute dolled up girls, sometimes wearing sweet pigtails, who suck lollipops or candy sweets at the start of each scene, an innocent hint of what is about to come! The scenes may start out cute, but the lollipop sucking quickly develops into a sloppy blowjob, followed by some quite heavy deepthroat face fucking, and the hardcore scenes are always completed with a climatic sperm swallowing.

If you’re into blowjobs or face fucking (and who isn’t?), then this is a must join site that will deliver the goods for you at least (I’m told) 6 times a month with new high quality videos. There are also plans to synchronize the scenes with Handy sex toy scripts. Three months full access currently costs just $49.

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VirtualRealPorn Upgrades To 8K VR Video Resolution

From the newest virtual reality porn site to the oldest. VirtualRealPorn was the very first VR porn site all the way back in 2014. They have continued to lead and innovate for most of the succeeding years, but had fallen behind most of their rivals a little in terms of the resolution of their camera system. Now the long running site has finally put that right, and this month began to release videos in the industry leading standard of 8K. VirtualRealPorn was one of the top sites before this upgrade, with 670+ full length videos in its archives, and a twice weekly release schedule that few other sites can match. With its long awaited upgrade of its camera system now in place, it’s right back up there in the top 5 or so sites that any new Oculus Quest headset owner should consider joining, and any serious VR porn fan must join.

They have already released several 8K VR porn classics to celebrate their upgrade, including an anal VR sex scene featuring the delicious Zee twins.

VirtualRealPorn – The Swap Part 1

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VirtualRealPorn – Seducing The Spy

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