Best Teen VR Porn Videos 2020

Summer Pixie in best teen VR porn of 2020

Despite Covid-19, I still think it was a great time to be alive in 2020. Especially for men. And that’s because we can fuck beautiful 18 and 19 year old teen girls like never before in immersive 3D virtual reality. Thanks to new headsets such as the Oculus Quest 2, and thanks to teen VR porn getting better and better. The girls getting even more beautiful and hornier, and now we are able to experience them in stunning 7K or 8K VR. Here is my pick of the best teen porn videos in virtual reality released this year!

1 # Ivy Rein in ‘Oh No Wrong Hole’ (Virtual Taboo)

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Young Russian babe Ivy Rein made her VR porn early this year, and what a debut it was. Her nubile body was made for fucking, and you got to fuck every one of her tight holes in this Virtual Taboo classic. Unfortunately, little Ivy doesn’t appear to have made any more VR porn. Maybe the balls deep anal pounding she received in virtual reality from thousands of horny dudes in their headsets was enough for her!

2 # Lulu Chu in ‘Little Asian Brat’ (VR Bangers)

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Little Asian brat Lulu Chu gives a delightfully convincing performance as a teen college girl bored with her homework. She’s studying male sexual reproduction, but she knows all about the subject already – and she’s going to prove it to you!

3 # Mona Blue in ‘Lad Wakes Sleeping Beauty’ (VR Bangers)

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Cute young Hungarian starlet Mona Blue featured in some of the best teen VR movies of the year, but this was my favorite. Imagine having a teen like this to wake up in bed and have sex with whenever you want to? Well in 2020, all you need is a virtual reality headset such as the $299 Oculus Quest 2!

4 # Stefany Kyler in ‘Cum Inside Me’ (Virtual Taboo)

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The jaw droppingly beautiful Stefany Kyler plays the part of your permanently horny step-sister, currently feeling particularly sexually frustrated for her absent boyfriend, and shooting some sexy selfies to send him with the painted message – ‘Cum Inside Me’. You happen to walk into her bedroom to her embaassment..and curiosity. It seems you will have to give this nubile young thing the creampie that she is craving for!

5 # Mia Rose in ‘Maid’s Pussy’ (Czech VR Fetish)

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It doesn’t get much better than looking up the skirt of a real 18 year old pretty Czech girl…especially when it’s in 8KVR, and the girl (Mia Rose) is willing to spread her pussy lips to let you see everything!

6 # Summer Pixie in ‘Don’t Be So Shy’ (Virtual Taboo)

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This summer, long running kinky teen & MILF ‘stepfamily’ site Virtual Taboo became the first VR porn studio to film in 7K. Never before had we been able to experience the thrill of teen sex in better than 6K resolution. And what a fresh faced beauty in Summer Pixie, making her VR debut, they chose for you to have sex with in one of their first 7K videos. And of course, like nearly all of their videos, the naughty young lady in question is your very own stepsister!

Best VR Shemale Sites 2020

Shemale, or trans porn (offensively still called by some ‘tranny porn’), is one of the most popular niches on the internet, and now there are now no less than six high quality pay sites – five of them updating regularly – that allow you to experience sex with beautiful transsexual girls in 3D virtual reality.

VirtualRealTrans Oculus Quest 2

Sex with beautiful, stiff dicked and firm breasted shemales might be difficult to obtain in real life, but now with a virtual reality headset such as the Oculus Quest 2, it is possible for every man to experience.

The Top Transsexual and Shemale VR Porn Pay Sites Reviewed

To be honest, there is not much to separate the top three or even four sites in terms of quality, as all are major studios, shooting in better than 4K ultra-hd resolution, with weekly updates, and featuring some of the biggest names in the TS-girl porn world. What’s even better is that they all have a bit of a different feel to them. So it’s definately worth checking each one out and perhaps subscribing to two or three.

1 # VirtualRealTrans – The Oldest and Biggest VR Shemale Site

A worthy number 1 VR site for shemale fans, made by the same studio behind the very first VR porn site VirtualRealPorn. A new feature length movie released every week starring the biggest names in trans porn and filmed in stunning 5K. This was the first VR shemale site and has been releasing regular weekly updates like clockwork since 2015, meaning that it now has by far the biggest library of TS porn videos in virtual reality.


2 # GroobyVR – The Number 1 Transsexual Site Now In VR

The company behind this site is famous as the industry leaders in transsexual porn, having been expertly and lovingly shooting TS girls in erotic photos and videos for over 20 years. After a few early hiccups, GroobyVR is now established as one of two absolute must join shemale VR sites, continuing to update with one new outstanding release each week. Their videos also have a more raw and intimate feel than the other shemale VR sites. Another great thing that many will appreciate, is that along with famous big boobed shemale names, they feature a lot of fresh talent, especially more of the young transgender type.

GroobyVR banner

3 # VRB Trans – Innovative and technically outstanding VR Shemale Porn

A beautiful shemale virtual reality porn site that stars some of the most gorgeous American transsexual actresses and went one better than VirtualRealTrans by filming some of their videos in incredible 6K ultra-hd – that’s a pixel free 3K resolution for each eye in a VR headset). Newer videos, however, seem to have been scaled back down to 4K (recently, they have been releasing 5K VR videos).


4 # TranzVR – Exciting New Shemale Porn Site From A Top VR Studio

Launched in late 2018, this shemale VR site and made by the same studio as one of the top rated virtual reality sites, WankzVR. As you would expect from one of the top and longest established VR studios, TranzVR is on a similar level of quality to any other VR shemale site, and it quickly made its mark filming some of the most lush trans porn scences in vr, including orgies and beautiful hardcore outdoor sex action. The frequency of video releases has dropped in 2020, however.

5 # TS Virtual Lovers – Innovative Shemale Virtual Reality Porn

Join this tranny VR site and you’ll be in shemale heaven. 4K VR shemale porn in beautifully filmed scenes that maximize the potentials of virtual reality sex. Currently updating once or twice a month. This is another shemale site backed by a major VR studio (in this case, the team behind ‘Reality Lovers’).

6 # Bailey Jay VR – Solo Trans Girl VR Site

The only current solo girl shemale site in VR, although sadly hasn’t been updating for some time. Still, it does feature one of the most beautiful and famous of shemale stars – Bailey Jay. And the good news is that there is a lot of content up on the site for members to experience her incredible trans body in every immersive way possible.

Bailey Jay VR banner 1

While there are no live VR shemale chat sites yet, and unlikely to be any soon, you can see a top five list of the best shemale cam sites here.

Best New VR Porn Videos Nov

two sets of real twins sucking your cock in virtual reality

The top VR sites continued to ramp up the quality, no doubt hoping to attract some of the newly increased virtual reality porn audience created by the Oculus Quest 2 headset release in October. Here are our pick of the best movies released last month. Last months stand out classics included 8K sex with 9 girls, two sets of real twins, teen VR sex, a nylon footjob, balls deep anal hardcore, and more!

Virtual Taboo – Double Twin Swap

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One of the most perverted virtual reality porn videos ever released, and it’s in ultra-real 7K resolution. Featuring two sets of real twin girls, all four dressed in innocent 18 year old schoolgirl type uniforms, and all four eager to suck and fuck your lucky cock for the best hour of your life. Can it get any more deliciously kinky than that? Yes it can. Because in this 7K VR porn movie, you are the girl’s horny and morality free stepfather!

VR Bangers – The Harlot’s House In Europe

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Nobody does mass group sex in virtual reality like VR Bangers. To celebrate the start of the holiday period, they released TWO group sex videos featuring nine horny sluts hungry for your dick and thirsty for your cum. Nine of the biggest names in European porn feature in this epic 8K VR porn movie.

VirtualRealPorn – Mona’s Wish List

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Hungarian babe Mona Blue has to be a contender for VR pornstar of 2020. She featured in some of the best teen movies of the year. Here, she looks a little more mature, and certainly in control of the action, as she expertly coaxes you into ejaculation through a beautiful footjob with her stockinged legs and feet. As well as lots of sucking and fucking, of course.

VR Hush – Can You Find My Smartphone?

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Lovely young Lana Sharapova is a cute blonde with unique and fresh looks. She clearly loves sex and being fucked by strangers like you and me in virtual reality, even when being deepthroated upside down on the bed.

SLROriginals – Back Alley Blowjobs & Butt Stuff

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A great example of innovative and original VR porn from the most creative Western studio. Sidra Sage might not be my cup of tea with her shaven headed SJW look, but there’s no denying the fresh and unique feel of this video. And I’ve never given a girl such a balls deep anal pounding as this in VR before!

VR Bangers Review

VR Bangers - Slutty Auntie banner

VR Bangers has been one of the leading and most innovative of VR porn sites for several years and more. It led the way in 4K filming, then became the first site to release videos in 6K (when most other sites were still in 4K). It held that distinction right up until this year, when a couple of other sites began releasing movies in 7 and 8K. It wasn’t outdone for long though, and as of October 2020, VR Bangers is one of only two studios releasing videos in 8K.

Resolution does matter a lot in VR porn. It makes a huge difference to how much you can immerse yourself into the scene and believe it is ‘real’, rather than simply watching it. And the good thing is that the latest generation of headsets, above all the Oculus Quest 2, have (around) 8K resolution screens, meaning that VR Bangers is the perfect site to join if you have one of these headsets.

The site is consistently rated highly in comments in online forums and sub-reddits discussing the top VR pay sites. Many subscribers have noted the fresh and natural feel of the sex scenes. There is an impressive variety in settings, actresses, and themes, and the average video is close to an hour in length. Scenes are usually colorful and stylish, with regular outdoor action. In 2020 they started to release high quality cosplay movies quite regularly.

VR Bangers is also highly ranked by most critics and reviewers, with the site appearing high in various top VR porn site lists, as well as receiving a number of industry awards such as the prize of top rated VR scene of the year for both 2017 and 2018.

In 2020, they also became one of the first VR porn sites to also offer augmented reality porn.

For an established site, and one that is so innovative and cutting edge, their lifetime membership offer, often discounted to only $250, is especially good value.

Reasons To Join Join VR Bangers

  • The first 6K site, and now filming in cutting edge 8K
  • Nearly 500 VR videos and two new scenes each week
  • Voted by XBiz as having the best VR porn scene of 2017 AND 2018
  • Consistently high quality videos rated highly by both fans and critics
  • Lifetime membership for as low as $250

Free VR Bangers Porn Movie Trailers

Remember that the full original videos of these short VR trailers are in up to 8K and one hour in length.

Slutty Aunty

Anal Virginity

The Naughty Schoolgirl

Perfect Cum-munication


Boned In Ukraine

Best New VR Porn Videos October 2020

Czech VR best videos October Entertain Us

October saw the release of the Oculus Quest 2 headset, the best virtual reality headset for porn yet. The top pay sites were eager to put out some exciting new content to attract the new VR porn market, and here are my picks of the very best videos of last month.

Virtual Taboo – Do Not Cum Next 60 Mins

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Your sweet and innocent teenage stepsister from Spain has been studying male sexuality in college, and now has a burning curiosity to explore the subject more with you! Can some men really fuck for one hour non-stop like she was taught in class? She needs you to give her the answer now!

VR Bangers – Election Day

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Politics is becoming so polarized and heated in the USA. Is there no way that the two sides can come together, even on Election Day? Of course there is, especially when two slutty babes representing the Dems and Republics respectively are eager to put differences aside to suck and fuck your lucky dick!

TMW VR – ‘Bad Girl Begs For Mercy’

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When you have a beautiful barely legal teen cutie like this as your girlfriend, then of course you’re going to be protective of her…and a little possessive. So when you catch her sending naughty selfies of herself to another man, you’re quite annoyed. Luckily, this sweet babe knows exactly how to ease the situation – by sucking and riding your cock like a pro!

R18 – Picking Up Girls At A Resort

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You’re on vacation and a beautiful Japanese girl in a bikini is sunbathing near you by the hotel pool. Naturally, you’re going to try to pick her up, and equally naturally, she’s going to be licking your sperm off of her fingers with a big smile on her face less than an hour later.

Czech VR – Entertain Us

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Czech VR often features international models these days, but in this 8K VR porn video, they’ve gone back to their roots to allow you the thrill of having sex with two beautiful Czech girls – Cindy Shine and Paris Devine. These horny babes even talk to you in Czech at the beginning of the video, before giving you the near hour of amazing sex that only Czech girls can.

VR Bangers – Slutty Aunty

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Mona Blue is a young Hungarian beauty, and in this 8K movie, she’s your step niece. The woman you married – her aunt – is a horny cougar who is willing to encourage her niece to help her satisfy your cravings for tight, teen pussy.

18VR – Chocolate Chemistry

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Ebony and ivory play sweet music on your dick as Ariela Donovan and Asia Rae feature in the best ever interracial teen threesome in VR.