Best Interactive VR Porn Sex Toys 2021

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For the complete immersive experience in virtual reality porn, you’ll need one of the increasingly sophisticated VR porn toys that synch with the video (or even live VR cam girl) so that you can feel the action. These interactive male strokers use haptic feedback that allow you to not only feel your dick inside the girl in VR porn, but also allow you to experience virtual sex with remote lovers or live webcam girls. Here are our pick of the best such toys for men in 2020, with particular regard to their use for VR porn. Note that all of these sex toys are outstanding male masturbators in their own right, and can be used as strokers without synching to video.

Quick Top Four Male Sex Toys For VR Porn

1 # The Handy ($169) – New haptic stroker highly rated by hardcore VR porn fans.
2 # Kiiroo Onyx+ ($219) – The premium interactive male sex toy of 2020.
3 # Kiiroo Titan ($159) – Powerful male vibrator with ultra-realistic sleeve.
4 # Lovense Max 2 ($99) – Best remote sex toy.

1 # The Handy ($169) – Interactive toy that takes VR porn to another level

The Handy is an interactive male stroker that promises to revolutionize not only the experience of VR, but masturbation itself. Judging by the acclaim it is garnering from hardcore VR porn enthusiasts, it certainly might upset the dominance of Kiiroo in the haptic male sex toy industry. You can adjust the speed (0-10 strokes per second!), stroke length, and even the grip to just the way you like it. Hardcore VR porn fans have been raving about how much this enhances the experience of sex in virtual reality. Like the other haptic toys here, it can also be used for remote distance relationships. But the toy gets placed firmly at number 1 on this list because of the rave reviews it consistently earns from hardcore VR porn enthusiasts. And it’s not difficult to see why this should be, because apart from the qualities listed above, it has built in integration with DeoVR, which is the most common browser for VR porn. If you’re looking to buy your first interactive sex toy to enhance your experience of VR porn, then The Handy is the toy I’d recommend above all.

2 # Kiiroo Onyx+ ($219) – Premium Haptic Automatic Masturbator

The second upgrade of the toy that has set the standard for male interactive sex toys. Equally suitable for VR porn or remote sex, the Onyx+ is stylish in design and touch, easy to hold and operate in the heat of the action, employing ten contracting rings that use the latest in haptic feedback to synch perfectly with video or live performer.

3 # Kiiroo Titan ($159) – Haptic Masturbator With Powerful Vibrations

Cheaper than the Onyx+, but hardly less powerful with 3 bullet vibrators, creating an endless possibility of stimulation for your penis inside the ultra-realistic sleeve. Already synched with thousands of porn video, including hundreds of virtual reality porn movies. Unlike the Onyx+, this is not an automatic stroker, so you slide it up and down your shaft manually. A number of different pornstar sleeves are available for even more variety and realism.

4 # Lovense Max 2 ($99) – The best remote sex toy for lovers and cam fans

The Max 2 is a sophisticated haptic male stroker that both sucks and vibrates. A great toy for VR porn, it’s possibly the premium choice for long distance relationships, and above all for virtual sex with webcam performers. It has a number of female haptic toys that it can be paired with, and no other brand is used as much by webcam performers – of whom there are hundreds on all the leading live sex sites that allow owners of the Max 2 to have virtual sex with them. As well as being synched with a good number of VR porn videos, there is a VR porn game (Mirror Life) produced by Lovense especially designed for the toy.

A different type of toy to consider enhancing your VR porn viewing experience with, is any number of increasingly realistic and affordable sex torsos available. These are much cheaper than full sex dolls, and while wearing a VR headset (or for that matter, an AR headset or glasses), they are good enough to create a physical illusion of having virtual sex with the girl. A fine example is the Pro Elite Lexi Vibrating Masturbator available at Lovehoney for $599.

Pro Elite Lexi Realistic Torso

SinVR – The Best 3D Digital VR Site

SinVR banner

There’s a lack of digitally 3D animated VR sites around at the moment. Hopefully this will change next year when the Oculus Quest becomes available in the spring. That much anticipated standalone VR headset will offer 6DoF, which means that not only is the headset untethered, you can actually move around physical space as your movements are synched in the virtual world you are immersed in. The potential as regards VR porn is obvious, although much more obviously so (given filming restraints using live actors) with digital porn.

Currently, the standout 3D digital VR porn site is SinVR, a forbidden world populated by beautiful and sexy virtual girls, and the weird and wonderful meangerie of characters such as vampires, zombies, dick girls, and even dragons, that are in competition with you to fuck them. Each of the girls can be bought and owned indivdiually, and then placed in various bizarre but sexy scenarios and games, or you can subscribe to the site itself for full membership.

SinVR virtually real girls

It’s an exciting and novel site that hopefully will gain a lot new memberships next year and continue to develop and grow into a huge virtual porn world.

SinVR banner featuring Harley Quinn

WankzVR Best Value Money For New Content

A lot of factors go into determining which is the best VR porn pay site, and even a narrower category such as ‘best value’ site. I’ve seen many review sites list the number of new videos each site releases each week or month, then comparing them to the price of a subscription, but what about the length of those videos? Perhaps cost of subscription/total length of new content is a better gauge of bang for your buck?

Fucking Farewell WankzVR

Best Value Five VR Porn Pay Sites for Monthly Content

I decided to perform an analysis of how the top VR pay sites stack up against each other when it comes to how much the subscriber is paying for each minute of newly released video he gets during the length of his subscription. To do this, I looked at not just the number of new videos each site releases each month, but the length in minutes of those videos. By doing this, I was able to calculate just how much the new members is paying for new content by minute. I focused solely on new releases, and ignored the amount of archived content each site has (which in the case of the older sites such as VirtualRealPorn is obviously huge).

For total amount of new monthly content in minutes as compared the price they charge for a monthly subscription for that new content, I found that it is popular American VR porn site WankzVR that offers the best value for money, with a new minute of VR video costing the subscriber only 4 cents!

Site Name Number Videos per Month Monthly Content in Minutes Montly Price Price per Video Price per Minute
1. WankzVR 8 571 $19.99 $2.50 $0.04
2. VirtualRealPorn 9 340 $19.95 $2.22 $0.06
3. BadoinkVR 9 330 $24.95 $2.77 $0.08
4. CzechVR 6 279 $24.95 $4.16 $0.09
5. VR Bangers 7 270 $24.95 $3.85 $0.09

Of course, this is just one ranking factor in determining which is the best VR porn site to join. The most important factor is, and always will be, the quality of the content. For an up-to-date ranking list of the best virtual reality porn sites right now, check out my list here (updated every month).

VirtualRealPorn Review

biggest vr porn site was the first VR porn site and with two new movies uploaded each week, it now has the largest archive of virtual reality videos by far of any of the leading sites. Their production crew also has now the longest experience and knowledge as to what it takes to produce the best VR porn. All their movies are now filmed in 5K and have also been formatted for the recently released Oculus Go headset. Their homepage features short VR trailers of every new video, fomatted for every major headset.

The Most Pioneering Virtual Reality Porn Site

The 5K VR films of VirtualRealPorn star an array of established actresses, mainly American but also with a fair sprinkling of new East European talent. One of the unique features of the site is that they have partnered with several different haptic sex toy companies, including LoveSense and Kiiroo, in order that viewers can enjoy interactive virtual sex using either a dildo or a masturbator synchronised with the action taking place on their headsets. They also pioneered interactive VR porn and continue to experiment with their latest spin off site VR Love which features digital avatars of porn actresses and aims to become a complete virtual reality sex world.

Visit VirtualRealPorn now.

Sample VR Video Trailer

Pretty Ukrainian girl lets you fuck her hard in this 5K VR VirtualRealPorn movie.

Virtual Pee

Virtual Pee is the newest VR porn site and the first dedicated to the fetish of women pissing. This is quite a popular niche, although it doesn’t excite everyone. However, if you are into the sight of pretty women spraying their golden rain then virtual reality is the ultimate medium to enjoy it in.
Virtual Pee Site

3D VR and the pissing fetish are a perfect match

I remember back in the day that watching girls pee in 3D stereo was amazing, but in a VR headset it’s something else. Unfortunately you can’t yet feel the piss splash on your face but the immersive 3D POV really makes you believe you are right in front of the girl as she delivers her shower at the camera.

Currently the site is releasing one new video a week with each lasting only around 5 or 6 minutes. Obviously given the nature of the fetish, it would be pretty difficult and pointless to make movies much longer than that, so it’s not really a fault. Membership to the site is also cheaper than most VR pay sites, with a yearly rate of only $99 and a monthly subscription costing $19. This is obviously a must join site for those looking for VR pissing content, but it’s cheap enough and done well enough for more general VR porn fans to consider joining to widen their palate as it were.

Sample VR Video Trailer

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