VR Porn News Roundup July 2023

VR Spy - Spy's Girls

New VR Porn Site Launched – VR Spy

It’s not often we have a major new VR porn site to report, but that’s the case this month with VR Spy. It’s an American based studio that clearly has ambitions to become a major player and a top VR porn site, judging from the high quality casting of its initial releases. At the time of publication it has only a meagre eight videos available, but they all feature well known names in the VR porn world, including long-time favorites Sera Ryder, Leana Lovings, and Macy Meadows.

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Interactive Sex Toy Company Kiiroo Release First Blowjob Machine

Dutch sex toy company Kiiroo, famous for their sophisticated interactive male masturbators that can be synched with VR porn videos and webcams, has released their first dedicated blowjob machine – the PowerBlow. The PowerBlow is not a standalone unit, but rather an ingenious extension that screws on to any other Kiiroo masturbator AND many other brand’s masturbators. Kiiroo claim that it should work with Fleshlights.

PowerBlow 4

Ex Google AI Boss Claims VR Porn And Sex Robots Will Replace Women

Mo Gawdat is the former chief business executive for Google’s AI division, and he had something quite extraordinary to say this month about how AI, VR porn, and sex robots, will soon come together to replace women. According to him, VR porn will soon become as indistinguishable or even better than the real thing. In that case, he asks, why would we need another human being (for sex)? After being questioned on whether men would still need the psychological satisfaction that comes from knowing they are interacting with a real person, Gawdat claims that it’s not important for most men, and that they would soon get used to the idea that their virtual girlfriend is not a sentient being, and rather forget it lest it spoil the fun.

New Trans VR Porn Site Launched – TransVR.com

VR Spy was not the only new VR porn site launched this month. TransVR.com, as its name suggests, is strictly for fans of chicks with dicks. But I do know that there are a surprisingly large number of you out there! It’s the SEVENTH major shemale VR porn site, yet in contrast, there is still only one active VR gay porn site (VirtualRealGay). It’s from the same studio as the popular trans VR site GroobyVR, so it will be interesting to see whether it brings something new to the TS table.

TransVR videos

VR Porn News Roundup June 2023

BaDoinkVR Remix Villa press release pic

BaDoink Studio Celebrates 8 Years With Three Part Special Featuring Five Hotties

Top VR porn studio BaDoink is celebrating its 8th anniversary this summer, and what better way to celebrate it than with five hot bikini babes ready to suck and fuck you in a luxurious rented villa? Kylie Rocket, Aria Valencia, Anna Claire Clouds, Leana Lovings, and Lilly Bell are among the most popular young talents in VR porn right now, and you get to enjoy their sweet bodies in paradise over a three-part special series. Members of BaDoink will get not only the entire full-length trilogy, but also behind the scenes photos and drone footage. And if you are not already a member of arguably the top VR porn site, then now is a good time to join as the studio is currently offering a 65% discount off regular subscription prices.

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VR Porn Game ‘VR Hot’ Adds Conversational AI Ability To Characters

VR Hot is a VR porn game in which you can interact with hot girls, including in ‘passthrough mode’ for mixed reality sex in your own home environment. Now they have added conversational AI to their female characters.

via RedGIFs

Due to server demands, the conversational AI is a demo, and hasn’t actually yet been added to the app. The developers say it should happen soon. It’s a great preview of how AI girlfriends will soon be available in virtual and augmented reality, and how awesome it’s going to be!

Apple Vision Pro VR/AR Headset Is Finally Revealed

Apple Vision Pro

The long-awaited Apple virtual reality headset was finally revealed to the world this week. The Apple Vision Pro headset is being marketed by the company as an AR headset rather than a VR product, but it will play VR porn (Apple confirmed the Web XR browser will be available in the headset), and it promises to revolutionize the VR porn experience with its many innovative features. One especially intriguing piece of tech demoed by Apple was photorealistic avatars that match the facial expressions of the wearer thanks to inward-looking cameras embedded in the headset. In other words, two people talking in VR can see each other live as they would appear without their headsets. This really opens the possibility for real interaction in an adult Metaverse.