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VR Bangers has been one of the leading and most innovative of VR porn sites for several years and more. It led the way in 4K filming, then became the first site to release videos in 6K (when most other sites were still in 4K). It held that distinction right up until this year, when a couple of other sites began releasing movies in 7 and 8K. It wasn’t outdone for long though, and as of October 2020, VR Bangers is one of only two studios releasing videos in 8K.

Resolution does matter a lot in VR porn. It makes a huge difference to how much you can immerse yourself into the scene and believe it is ‘real’, rather than simply watching it. And the good thing is that the latest generation of headsets, above all the Oculus Quest 2, have (around) 8K resolution screens, meaning that VR Bangers is the perfect site to join if you have one of these headsets.

The site is consistently rated highly in comments in online forums and sub-reddits discussing the top VR pay sites. Many subscribers have noted the fresh and natural feel of the sex scenes. There is an impressive variety in settings, actresses, and themes, and the average video is close to an hour in length. Scenes are usually colorful and stylish, with regular outdoor action. In 2020 they started to release high quality cosplay movies quite regularly.

VR Bangers is also highly ranked by most critics and reviewers, with the site appearing high in various top VR porn site lists, as well as receiving a number of industry awards such as the prize of top rated VR scene of the year for both 2017 and 2018.

In 2020, they also became one of the first VR porn sites to also offer augmented reality porn.

For an established site, and one that is so innovative and cutting edge, their lifetime membership offer, often discounted to only $250, is especially good value.

Reasons To Join Join VR Bangers

  • The first 6K site, and now filming in cutting edge 8K
  • Nearly 500 VR videos and two new scenes each week
  • Voted by XBiz as having the best VR porn scene of 2017 AND 2018
  • Consistently high quality videos rated highly by both fans and critics
  • Lifetime membership for as low as $250

Free VR Bangers Porn Movie Trailers

Remember that the full original videos of these short VR trailers are in up to 8K and one hour in length.

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