Best VR Porn Sites 2021

The Top 25 VR Porn Sites In April 2021

As we enter the Spring, things have never been so exciting for virtual reality porn. The lighter, cheaper, faster, and higher resolution Oculus Quest 2 headset continues to bring on board hundreds of new VR porn fans each day. And the quality of the porn they can view on their new headsets is getting better too. Several of the top sites, including Virtual Taboo, BadoinkVR, and VR Bangers, have upgraded their video resolution to 7K or 8K (the Oculus Quest 2 can display up to 8K VR porn). Increasing memberships mean they have more money to spend, and the quality and variety of the movies, as well as models, is getting noticeably even better than before.

If you’re looking for the best VR porn sites to join, then this is your place to start – the most authoritative VR porn ranking list online. The top sites on this independent, honest, and exhaustive list have all been established for at least several years now. Most of the pay sites listed here offer great value for money subscriptions, but the best deals are usually the lifetime membership options – especially for the top five or so sites, all of which are likely to be around for many years to come. ***Some of the top sites are having Spring sales.

1 # VR Bangers*Spring Offer – Lifetime Membership $250

Firmly established for more than several years as one of the very top sites, VR Bangers have always been at the forefront of pushing technical standards forward in VR porn. For a long time the only site filming in better than 5K, they are now one of a handful of sites releasing movies in stunning 8K VR. Together with the imaginative scenarios and backgrounds, the 8K resolutions make their scenes feel like fully immersive erotic movies, rather than porn videos. The variety and choice of models is also one of the best of the top sites. Undoubtedly one of the most technically innovative and forward looking of VR studios, they recently began selling a headset attachment which adds smell to the immersive experience, as well as pioneering augmented reality porn. This all makes their lifetime membership offer an attractive option, particularly when it is often discounted to just $250.

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2 # Badoink VR*Spring Offer – Lifetime Membership $249

Badoink VR recently (December 2020) upgraded its VR camera rig to a system that films exceptional quality in 7K resolution. In the opinion of many hardcore VR porn fans, their productions are now second to none. Releasing at least one new premium video each week, as they have been doing without fail for over five years, membership of this site gets you access to one of the largest and consistently excellent VR porn libraries online. Badoink are one of the few sites to have studios both in the USA and Europe, so the international variety of models is outstanding. Those studios are busy too, as they produce movies for four other sister sites, including teen VR site 18VR and BDSM VR site KinkVR.

As well as being arguably the biggest and busiest VR porn studio, they are also perhaps the most ambitious and innovative. In recent years they have signed star names such as Adriana Chechik on exclusive contracts, pioneered the use of fan scripted videos, partnered with a South Korean virtual reality arcade, and are now even leading the way in augmented reality porn. The history, size, and ambitious future of this site make it another to consider taking out the lifetime membership option with – at $375 it’s great value, and sometimes you might find it discounted even lower.

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3 # Virtual Taboo*Easter Sale – Up To 73% Off!

The only virtual reality site dedicated to the naughtiest and horniest fantasy that all men love – banging the hell out of your teenage stepsister, stepdaughter or even MILF stepmother! Yeah, these naughty sluts might be your family now, but when they look so horny and start teasing you with their tight bodies, then just like any other man, you’re going to struggle to keep your stiff cock in your pants. If you believe that nothing should be taboo in virtual reality, and have always secretly longed to slide your cock into a stepfamily relative, then this is one site you have to join.

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Long established VR porn site Virtual Taboo has been filming for most of the year in ultra-realistic 7K, as well as updating with three new videos each week. Their premium quality movies are a mixture of solo girl masturbation and hardcore, very kinky scenes with a taboo ‘stepfamily’ theme, often featuring multiple girls/women. The site introduces some of the best and freshest new teen porn talent to virtual reality, with scenes that involve them wearing adorable knee sock school uniforms or cute anime and cosplay outfits, often ably assisted in milking your cock by their still ripe and horny stepmothers! The 7K resolution means their movies are a perfect match for the new Oculus Quest 2 VR headset.

4 # VirtualRealPorn

The very first virtual reality porn site celebrated its sixth anniversary at the start of this year, and its continuing place in the forefront of innovation, technical standards, as well as the now massive VR video library available to subscribers (with over 530 videos dating back to 2014), means it remains firmly in the top five of any objective ranking of the various pay sites. VirtualRealPorn continues to improve the quality of their videos and production techniques almost month by month, and have released some of the best VR movies ever made in the last year or so. One of the site’s most innovative features remains their pioneering partnerships with several haptic sex toy companies (including the leading haptic masturbator the ‘Kiroo‘) which means you can truly have virtual sex with the pornstars in the 3D 5K immersive scenes and ‘feel’ the action taking place on your penis! Continues to update with new movies twice a week and, as the oldest site, now has by some way the largest archive of VR porn content (at least in English language). Access to their entire library costs less than $2 or 2 Euros for a trial! I would recommend you subscribe to at least several of the major pay sites (or at least take out a trial to sample them) and VirtualRealPorn is certainly one of the essential must join sites.

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5 # CzechVR

Always rated as one of the best VR pay sites by both fans and critics. Been going strong for a number of years and no signs of slowing down, continuing to not only keep up with the other top sites in terms of specs and quality content, but recently surpass them. This year it became the first site to release videos in 8K resolution (all new releases are now in 8K). This means that it is one of only several sites able to get the most out of the ultra-hd resolution of the new Oculus Quest 2 VR headset.

Although it did originally feature almost entirely Czech girls, it now features a similar variety of international names as most of the other sites, although still with a regular sprinkling of Czech babes. If you are seeking a ‘Czech girl’ site, then the same studio produces two other excellent VR sites that do still feature almost exclusively Czech girls – CzechVRFetish and CzechVRCasting.

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6 # SexBabesVR* – Up To 67% Off!

Firmly established as one of the top VR pay sites, their beautiful hardcore scenes are now filmed in 5K with one new full length release every five days. Some reviewers and VR porn fans place this site in their top five, so it’s definitely worth checking out. Tends to release regular fetish type VR videos as well as general hardcore.

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7 # WankzVR* – Lifetime Membership $299 – Reduced From $375!

There is not much to separate the top five or so sites to be honest, and WankzVR could easily be placed in the top five. Certainly if you enjoy fucking natural bodied, pretty young American teens and young women in virtual reality, then this site represents hardcore VR porn at its very best. Featuring mostly cute young American college girls, often very new to the adult industry itself, with two new releases each week and every one with a different plot and setting. And the settings usually are very lush, and very often (at least partly) outdoors in the (Californian?) sunshine. In terms of duration, their video releases are also among the biggest of any major studio, usually coming in at a whopping hour in length, and now released in stunning 7K ultra-hd resolution. Relatively low subscription rate costs, regular twice weekly releases, and hour plus videos, mean that WankzVR is definately one of the best value for money VR sites out there.

8 # VR Hush

A consistently excellent site that releases a new VR movie once a week and has a well earned reputation for its naturally filmed and acted sex scenes. Recently (early 2021) became the latest of a select group of VR sites releasing movies in 8K resolution. If you can afford to subscribe to several sites, than this is very much worth considering as one of them.

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9 # NaughtyAmericaVR

Naughty America seems to have put the problems of recent years firmly behind them, and is once again leading the adult industry in terms of innovation and pioneering sex tech porn. The first 4K porn site, and one of the very first virtual reality porn sites, they now offer ‘holographic’ virtual strip shows that can be experienced in a VR headset, or through a smartphone in augmented reality. Thankfully, they have also done away with the controversial package subscriptions to their VR site, and as a member, you get access to all of their huge library of constantly updated content, from 2D 4K to virtual and augmented reality porn.

10 # R18

All VR porn fans should join a Japanese VR site, and R18 is the one to join. Unlike in the West, where it remains a popular but slowly growing niche, VR porn has really exploded in high-tech Japan. Unfortunately, most Japanese VR porn sites are quite inaccessible to English language speakers, but this site is very different – a massive hub of real Japanese porn with an English interface.

The site is a portal for no less than seventeen different Japanese porn studios, most of them now regularly releasing VR porn videos. The amount of VR content is not only huge, it’s as varied and as kinky as you’d hope from Japanese made virtual reality. Of course, innocent and barely legal schoolgirls and other cuties in uniform feature heavily, but you will find everything here – including some really crazy experimental scenes, such as a video devoted to ‘deep French wet kissing’ with different Japanese girls. Incredibly, there are over 7,000 VR videos on the site already, and it’s not even a purely VR porn site – members will get access to thousands of 2D JAV videos as well. You also have the option of purchasing individual videos for under $10, subscribing to individual channels, or even a free membership (with e-mail address) for thousands of free trailers and one full length movie.

11 # SLR Originals

One of the most original of VR porn studios, you will see here videos that you would normally have to subscribe to a Japanese site to enjoy. Examples include one girl taking on 12 cocks (with you having the POV of the lucky guy who gets to do most to her), and multiple screen videos (where you can see the girl you are fucking from other angles at the same time, such as from behind.

12 VRCosplayX* – Lifetime Membership $249 – Reduced From $375!

A unique and beautiful site that combines cosplay with the porn parody genre, resulting in some great VR scenes featuring sexy girls dressed up in cute anime and video game character outfits getting smashed hard (while still wearing the costumes – or at least some of it!).

13 # 18 VR* – Lifetime Membership $249 – Reduced From $375!

A virtual reality site devoted exclusively to letting you fuck nubile, barely legal teenage girls – surely the reason the Oculus VR headset was invented in the first place! In all honesty, most of the ‘teens’ here are in their early twenties, but when they do feature a real 18 or 19 year old teen, they get it right. An with an archive stretching back nearly five years, you’re going to find a lot of premium real teen content here. You certainly wont find any MILFs, and the girls are all young, nubile and certainly close to perfection. Made by the Badoink team, so you can be guaranteed the high est quality VR porn. Updated with a new video each week.

14 # VirtualRealJapan

One of the biggest collections of JAV virtual reality porn online. These are real Japanese made VR porn videos acquired by the VirtualRealPorn stable. Carefully selected full length videos that represent the very best of Japanese VR. Now with over 140 movies available to members.

15 # VRConk

Now back to updating each week, VRConk is firmly established again as one of the most innovative of the smaller sites, and certainly an attractive option to consider in 2021. Every movie is high quality and filmed in 6K. The studio were the first to release AR porn, and one thing that currently sets the site apart is it’s release of occasional 3D digital VR movies.

16 # StasyQ VR

A rather unique softcore virtual reality site that consists solely of ‘Playboy style’ VR erotica. It’s just about the only site that does pure erotic VR and it does it superbly well, with many fine art models that not only wont do hardcore porn, but you probably haven’t seen anywhere else in VR. For myself and many others, the intimacy in virtual reality of a girl doing nothing more than erotic stripping and teasing is more than enough to get off on, especially with the sheer beauty of the models featured, including recently an 18 year old Russian model. Updates with a new girl and movie every week.

17 # RealJamVR* – Up To 67% Off!

A large and growing site that should definitely be on your radar. Weekly updates featuring a wide variety of mainly American based actresses, with fresh and engaging scenes that are between 45 – 65 minutes long – probably the sweet spot for VR porn movies. Regularly features VR ‘casting movies’. In early 2021 began to release movies in 7K.

18 # VR Latina

Devoted to the beauty of hardcore Latina sluts, this site boasts a huge variety of Hispanic beauties for you to have sex with in virtual reality. A high quality site that updates every week and has been established for several years. It’s also very good value at nearly half the price of many other sites (a 12 month membership costs around $5 a month).

19 # WetVR

One of the newest VR porn sites, WetVR is the first VR porn site from the studio that produced Tiny4K and a host of other popular ultra-hd porn sites. Content and themes are similar to those 4K sites – young American actresses with perky tits and nubile, slim bodies, getting nailed hard by much bigger actors with huge dicks.

20 # VRAllure

VRAllure - Jade Baker

No hardcore at this site, just carefully selected models in beautifully filmed solo masturbation videos that have been designed to have an intimate ‘private show’ type of feel. Currently updated around once a week, the studio behind this site are the same as for the popular VR Hush site (ranked 8th above).

21 # MILF VR

If you’re into hot, older women, joining this site is a no brainer. This site has been around for several years, and remains the only virtual reality porn site devoted exclusively to MILFs. From the same studio as top ten site WankzVR, it displays the same level of quality, with the actresses mainly American, usually star names, and always hot. Admittedly, sometimes the ‘MILFs’ look a little young, but I guess MILF doesn’t always have to mean older woman. A new video has been released once a week like clockwork for over three years, meaning a huge library of over 200 films now. Now releasing videos in the 7K Wankz standard resolution.

22 # Lust Reality

Another one of the promising new sites of 2020. Although only recently established, it has a very large back catalogue of content because it has rights to all of the ‘VRSexperts’ studio. Has recently been updating 2 or 3 times a week. although 2 of these are usually short solo videos. The filming is high quality, and the site is now one of only several to release movies in 8K resolution. The backgrounds and scenarios to the movies are, though, perhaps a little routine. But the biggest drawback is the relative lack of hardcore scenes, with the majority of the action being either solo girls and the occasional lesbian play. However, the pricing is reasonable and it’s an ambitious site that could rapidly move up this list.

23 # Lethal Hardcore VR

One of the most promising new VR porn sites of last year, it unfortunately went into something of a hiatus for several months (presumably due to lockdowns) before resuming weekly updates. Produced by one of the biggest porn (and sex toy) companies, and filming in 6K. The quality of the models is a bit hit and miss, but most of them at least haven’t been seen much elsewhere in virtual reality. A yearly subscription costs just under $100.

24 # VR First Timer

A promising attempt at a convincing virtual reality porn casting site that launched in April 2020. Has only been updating once a month or so since then, and perhaps the Covid-19 lockdowns have played a part in that. The girls do tend to look ordinary enough to pass as ‘amateurs’, while at the same time being more than attractive enough for you to want to bang in VR.

25 # Teen Mega World VR

One of only several VR sites devoted to the teen 18-21 niche. This site is produced by Teen Mega World studio, which has been known for over a decade as home to the freshest and most beautiful East European teenies in porn. Twice weekly updates and with a huge teen VR archive stretching back a number of years, this is certainly a must join site for connoisseurs of young, barely legal angels.

VirtualRealPorn Review (Updated 2021)

VRP - 6h anniversary was the very first VR porn site, launching an incredible 6 years ago. To put this in perspective, the first Oculus Rift headset still had not been released to consumers. Since that time, way back in 2015, the site has consistently released at least two high quality new full-length videos each and every week. Nearly seven years later, and it has produced far the largest library of VR porn of any site. In addition, the same studio has been releasing gay and trans porn VR videos for almost as long on their respective sister sites. No other VR porn studio can match the experience of the team behind VirtualRealPorn.

The Site That Pioneered Virtual Reality Porn

VirtualRealPorn wasn’t just the first VR porn site online, it was the site that pioneered the industry in a number of ways. In those days it was the first to experiment with female POV porn, to get the ‘VR GFE’ right, to film gay and trans VR porn, to film ‘amateur’ VR porn, and to secure partnerships with haptic sex toy companies that allowed you to add another level of immersion to the experience. They even were one of the first to try virtual reality live cams, although the tech and the market weren’t quite ready for that.

While the first VR porn videos of other long-running sites often look terrible, the early releases of VirtualRealPorn are still good enough to be enjoyed today, although the resolution is inevitably lacking. The site had been a long-term project, and the studio already had a lengthy duration of experience and experimentation before the site went online in 2015. More recently, they even displayed their innovation in regards to their early efforts. While other sites simply ‘re-mastered’ their low resolution videos – with variable results – VirtualRealPorn actually re-made several of their early classic videos, with the same actresses starring as in the originals.

Right from the start, the site has been notable for having a balance of American and European porn actresses. The beautiful American model Misha Cross was the most popular of their early stars, along with the ever popular Russian/Hungarian pornstar Gina Gerson. Over the last six and more years, they have continued to feature some of the most popular names in VR porn, as well as a fair sprrinkling of fresh talent from both sides of the pond.

Lucid Dream Featuring Florane Russell

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Reasons To Join VirtualRealPorn

  • The oldest and biggest virtual reality porn site and studio.
  • Still updating two or even three times a week.
  • A good balance between American and European models.
  • Partnership with Kiiroo allows you to ‘feel the action’
  • The best VR GFE movies.

Ready For The Gala Featuring Sybil A

Pretty Ukrainian girl lets you fuck her hard in this 5K movie.

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Summary – Is VirtualRealPorn Worth A Subscription?

VirtualRealPorn is still undoubtedly one of the top five VR porn sites, with a massive archive, a regular as clockwork new release every few days, and an experience in filming premium adult virtual reality movies that is unmatched. The VR GFE content is unmatched, and when enjoyed with an interactive VR porn toy – such as those made by Kiiroo – make for an incredibly immersive and satisfying experience. A year’s subscription costs under $10 a month which is exceptional value for a site with an archive as big as theirs and which updates so frequently. Another excellent value option is lifetime membership at only $249. Cheap as chips when you consider this site is likely to be producing premium VR porn for years and years to come!

Best New VR Porn Videos March

Sheryl X In Wanna See My Wood

March was another solid month for VR porn releases, with some great new talent introduced such as 19 year old Ukrainian college girl Sheryl X – she featured in two new videos for Virtual Taboo and we’ve got trailers of both of them below.

Virtual Taboo – Wanna See My Wood

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One of the prettiest new talents that Taboo have unearthed for quite some time. Let’s hope we get to fuck her in a few more different scenes and at other sites, especially when she’s still as cute and fresh as this.

Virtual Taboo – A Woulfe In Sheeps Clothing

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7K VR porn featuring Maya Woulfe as a hippy yoga babe who shows you her moves on the mat, before letting you fuck her beautiful and very supple body.

CASANOVA – A New Nurse’s Work Hospital Ward 3

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Japanese studio made VR porn featuring Karina Nishada as a sexy and horny nurse on her first day in the job. Karina is a ravishing half-Japanese, half-Western beauty.

Sex Babes VR – How To Say Sorry

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Little Annie Darling is a super cute Czech girl who has never looked more adorable than in this SexBabesVR movie. She may look innocent, but this girl is already a veteran of the VR porn industry and knows exactly how to make you cum in virtual reality.

Virtual Taboo – Self-Isolation Can Be Fun

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The second video from Sheryl X, this time a solo VR masturbation show which is short, sweet, and very well done.

Top Oculus Quest 2 Porn Sites

Oculus Quest 2 - Best virtual reality headset for vr porn

Oculus Quest 2 – The best virtual reality headset yet for vr porn, released October 13th 2020.

On October 13th 2020, the much awaited upgrade of the original Oculus Quest VR headset was released to the public. The launch of the Oculus Quest 2 was a big day for VR porn fans, because never before had it been possible to be immersed so realistically in a virtual reality porn movie with a stand-alone (untethered) headset. The Oculus Quest 2 was a major upgrade – faster, lighter, and with a significantly higher resolution. This means it can make use of the latest 8K, 7K, and 6K videos that are the new standards of several of the top pay sites. So if you are a lucky new owner of the Oculus Quest 2, or are thinking of buying it soon, here are the must join three VR porn sites to join first.

Number One For The Oculus Quest 2 – BadoinkVR

Badoink have been at the top for more than five years, and in late 2020 upgraded to 7K resolution. Using their own unique VR camera rig to shoot their movies, VR porn fans have been raving over the quality of the new higher resolution videos. Badoink’s 7K videos might just be the best VR porn you can experience inside an Oculus Quest 2 at this time.

Home Page
Videos Per Month Yearly Subscription Lifetime Subscription
8 (December 2020) $89 $299

Number Two For The Oculus Quest 2 – VR Bangers

One of the top virtual reality porn sites for a number of years, it was the first studio to film in 6K, and recently became only the second to release movies in stunning 8K resolution. The sharpest, and most immersive VR porn videos to experience on your new Oculus Quest 2 will be in 8K, and VR Bangers is a highly recommended site to join to get two premium 8K movies each week.

Home Page
Videos Per Month Yearly Subscription Lifetime Subscription
VR Bangers
6K – 8K
7 (September) $99 $250

Number Three For The Oculus Quest 2 – Virtual Taboo

The first VR porn site to set 7K as their new standard, already has a large number of videos in that resolution. Always one of the top three VR sites for any headset, Virtual Taboo has the kinkiest storylines and the freshest and most fuckable models – often role-playing as your own teen stepdaughter (and the MILF stepmom often lends a hand!). Voted the best virtual reality porn site of 2020.

Home Page
Videos Per Month Yearly Subscription Lifetime Subscription
13 (September 2020) $99 $250

Number Four For The Oculus Quest 2 – Czech VR

The first VR porn site to release 8K videos, this is another long-established site popular with fans and reviewers alike. Regular weekly updates stretching back to the original Oculus Rift release, and for six months or so already filming in 8K, ready for the latest generation of headsets such as the Oculus Quest 2. No longer only features Czech girls, it has a wide variety of international models, together with attractive backdrops for you to fuck them in flawless VR.

Home Page
Videos Per Month Yearly Subscription Lifetime Subscription
Czech VR
7 (September 2020) $169

Number Five For The Oculus Quest 2 – WankzVR

One of the oldest VR porn sites, featuring almost exclusively young American actresses, of whom it has a larger number for you to fuck in virtual reality than probably any other site. Made the move from 4K to 7K at the end of September 2020.

Home Page
Videos Per Month Yearly Subscription Lifetime Subscription
2 (September 2020) $239 $375

Number Six For The Oculus Quest 2 – VR Hush

A long running and popular American VR porn site that switched to 8K releases (from 5K) in March 2021. One high quality update per week, usually featuring a big name.

Home Page
Videos Per Month Yearly Subscription Lifetime Subscription
Czech VR Fetish
4 (Marh 2021) $119

Number Seven For The Oculus Quest 2 – Czech VR Fetish

From the same studio as Czech VR (above) this VR porn site is devoted to a variety of kinky fetishes, including pissing, gaping pussies, fisting, foot worship, latex and more – all now captured like never before in 8K resolution!

Home Page
Videos Per Month Yearly Subscription Lifetime Subscription
Czech VR Fetish
4 (September 2020) $169 $249

Number Eight For The Oculus Quest 2 – Czech VR Casting

As virtual reality porn becomes increasingly popular, just as lockdowns are causing huge job losses among the young, more and more Czech girls are applying to become VR pornstars. At this site, the famous Czech VR studio shows us how they conduct their casting sessions for new and desperate pornstar wannabes.

Home Page
Videos Per Month Yearly Subscription Lifetime Subscription
Czech VR Casting
8 (September 2020) $169

Number Nine For The Oculus Quest 2 – Lust Reality

Lust Reality recently (January 2021) became the latest VR porn studio to release films in 8K. Here sexy Spanish schoolgirl Paola Hard wants to introduce you to 8K VR porn and her amazing boobs with a titty fuck!

Home Page
Videos Per Month Yearly Subscription Lifetime Subscription
Lust Reality
9 (December 2020) $249

Of course, these aren’t necessarily the top seven sites I would recommend you join, even specifically for the Oculus Quest 2. There are many factors that go into ranking the quality of a VR porn site, and the above seven have been selected primarily for their ultra-high resolutions that can be experienced in only the latest generation of headsets such as the new Oculus Quest. Aside from the quality of the girls, the sex, the number and length of videos, the size of the site’s archive and so on, there are other technical factors that decide how sharp and real a VR porn video looks. These include frame rate, lighting, the camera used, the quality of post production and many other factors.

But if you’re looking to experience VR porn in your new headset in 7K or 8K, the above sites are the ones to consider. For a complete and exhaustive ranking list of the top VR porn sites check out our Best VR Porn Site List that is updated at least once a week.

Best Interactive VR Porn Sex Toys 2021

Onyx Plus 728 x 90 banner

For the complete immersive experience in virtual reality porn, you’ll need one of the increasingly sophisticated VR porn toys that synch with the video (or even live VR cam girl) so that you can feel the action. These interactive male strokers use haptic feedback that allow you to not only feel your dick inside the girl in VR porn, but can also enable you to experience virtual sex with remote lovers or live webcam girls. Here are our pick of the best such toys for men in 2021, with particular regard to their use for VR porn. Note that all of these sex toys are outstanding male masturbators in their own right, and can be used as automatic masturbators without synching to video. The toys can be synchronized to videos via ‘scripts’. Many of the top sites have scripts available for their videos, or you can buy them at You can also write your own, or simply create your own ‘pattern’ that roughly approximates to the action.

Quick Top Five Male Sex Toys For VR Porn

1 # The Handy ($169) – New haptic stroker highly rated by hardcore VR porn fans.
2 # Kiiroo Onyx+ ($219) – The premium interactive male sex toy of 2020.
3 # Virtual Mate ($169) – The Most Exciting And Innovative VR Toy Yet.
4 # Kiiroo Titan ($159) – Powerful male vibrator with ultra-realistic sleeve.
5 # Lovense Max 2 ($99) – Best remote sex toy.

1 # The Handy ($169) – Interactive toy that takes VR porn to another level

The Handy is an interactive male stroker that promises to revolutionize not only the experience of VR, but masturbation itself. Judging by the acclaim it is garnering from hardcore VR porn enthusiasts, it’s certainly on course to upset the dominance of Kiiroo in the haptic male sex toy industry. You can adjust the speed (0-10 strokes per second!), stroke length, and even the grip to just the way you like it. Hardcore VR porn fans have been raving about how much this enhances the experience of sex in virtual reality. Like the other haptic toys here, it can also be used for remote distance relationships. But the toy gets placed firmly at number 1 on this list because of the rave reviews it consistently earns from hardcore VR porn enthusiasts. And it’s not difficult to see why this should be, because apart from the qualities listed above, it has built in integration with DeoVR, which is the most common and practical browser for VR porn. If you’re looking to buy your first interactive sex toy to enhance your experience of VR porn, then The Handy is the toy I’d recommend above all.

2 # Kiiroo Onyx+ ($219) – Premium Haptic Automatic Masturbator

The second upgrade of the toy that has set the standard for male interactive sex toys. Equally suitable for VR porn or remote sex, the Onyx+ is stylish in design and touch, easy to hold and operate in the heat of the action, employing ten contracting rings that use the latest in haptic feedback to synch perfectly with video or live performer.

3 # Virtual Mate ($169) – Create Your Ultimate Virtual GFE

The most innovative and exciting male sex toy on this list, the ‘Virtual Mate’ allows you to create your own virtual girlfriends to have interactive sex with, as well as synching with VR porn movies. Photo realistic avatars created through 3D scanning and deep fake tech are used to create your virtual partner – any individual who has given the company authorization to use their image can be turned into your VR sex partner! As stated, the Virtual Mate can be used more ‘simply’ as a haptic maturbator synchronized with any 2D or VR video. The team behind the Virtual Mate project promise that the virtual sex experiences will continue to get increasingly more realistic as their software and algorithms improve. There really is no limit to the potential of this toy! Available now at a discounted price of only $169.

4 # Kiiroo Titan ($159) – Haptic Masturbator With Powerful Vibrations

Cheaper than the Onyx+, but hardly less powerful with 3 bullet vibrators, creating an endless possibility of stimulation for your penis inside the ultra-realistic sleeve. Already synched with thousands of porn video, including hundreds of virtual reality porn movies. Unlike the Onyx+, this is not an automatic stroker, so you slide it up and down your shaft manually. A number of different pornstar sleeves are available for even more variety and realism.

5 # Lovense Max 2 ($99) – The best remote sex toy for lovers and cam fans

The Max 2 is a sophisticated haptic male stroker that both sucks and vibrates. A great toy for VR porn, it’s possibly the premium choice for long distance relationships, and above all for virtual sex with webcam performers. It has a number of female haptic toys that it can be paired with, and no other brand is used as much by webcam performers – of whom there are hundreds on all the leading live sex sites that allow owners of the Max 2 to have virtual sex with them. As well as being synched with a good number of VR porn videos, there is a VR porn game (Mirror Life) produced by Lovense especially designed for the toy.